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Without your help, DCPS School Counselors will lose their jobs. Budget cuts in the District of Columbia Public Schools seriously threaten one of our greatest assets: school counselors. In the recent school budget proposals, Chancellor Rhee has eliminated DCPS school counselor positions in elementary schools which do not minimally have 600 students. In some secondary schools, school counselor positions have been eliminated in exchange for other administrative positions.

The goal of this campaign is to give DCPS students the high quality education that they deserve:

Please join our email letter writing campaign to the DC city council to urge them to vote YES to funding full-time school counselors in all of our elementary schools and on the secondary level with a ratio of 250:1 as established by the American School Counselor Association.

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With your help and attention we can turn this unfair and harmful Fenty jauggernaut around. He is pursuing practices and policies that will adversly affect our public school system for years to come.

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